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Hiding Your Criminal Record - Criminal Non Disclosure

If you have ever been placed on deferred adjudication for a criminal offense, such a Felony or Misdemeanor A or B, you may be eligible for a non-disclosure. Many District Attorneys' offices in Texas offer deferred adjudication in exchange for a no contest (nolo contendere) or not guilty plea in Texas. Terms vary depending on the crime, but if you are placed on deferred adjudication, it means the charges will be postponed for a certain period of time in exchange for you meeting certain conditions.

Once you complete your deferred adjudication period, many people think their criminal record automatically disappears -it doesn't! Unless you apply for, and are granted, a non-disclosure, the fact you were arrested and accepted deferred adjudication will show on your record forever on public databases and in background checks. These are usually done in the job, housing, and college application processes.

While this process is different from an expunction, which would truly destroy the record, most offenses do not qualify for an expunction. In most cases, if you are granted a non-disclosure, you can deny you were ever prosecuted or arrested on any employment, housing, and college application process. The non-disclosure order will seal your criminal records to anyone except governmental or regulatory agencies. 

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