No one wants their estate to be disputed after they die. Unfortunately, this is a common occurrence. In order to avoid disputes, there are several things you can do. James H. Horton Law Firm, P.C. explains the steps that you can take to avoid a disputed estate.

Regularly Revisit and Update Your Plan

Your estate plan should not be a static document. As your life changes, so should your estate plan. For example, if you get divorced, you will need to remove your ex-spouse from your will and other estate planning documents. If you have children, you will need to add them to your will and designate a guardian for them in the event of your death.

Select a Responsible Executor

When choosing an executor for your estate, pick someone who is responsible and who you know will follow your wishes. This person will be responsible for carrying out the instructions in your will and ensuring that your assets are distributed according to your wishes.

Make Sure Your Loved Ones are on the Same Page

If you have a spouse or partner, it is important that they are aware of your estate plan and are comfortable with it. If you have children, make sure they know who the executor of your estate is and how you want your assets to be distributed. By keeping everyone informed, you can avoid any surprises or disagreements after you pass.

Work With an Experienced Attorney

By taking these steps, you can avoid any disputes after your death and have peace of mind knowing that your assets will be handled according to your wishes. Another step you can take to avoid estate disputes is to work with an experienced estate planning attorney. The team at James H. Horton Law Firm, P.C. can help you review your estate plan and ensure that it is an accurate reflection of your wishes.

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