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One of the most amazing experiences you could have with your family is welcoming a child or children into your home through adoption. Many children are struggling on account of missing one or more parents and need the love and care of a safe family environment, along with all the benefits of food, shelter, education, and the social, moral, and cultural development a family can provide. Adoption gives people in Texas the ability to provide children with the nurturing environment they need.

However, despite your excitement at welcoming a new child to your family, it can be overwhelming trying to figure out how to fill out and process all the adoption forms and fees. Your knowledgeable adoption lawyers in Denton are here to assure you. Let James H. Horton Law Firm, P.C. offer clear guidance through the entire process. Our adoption attorney in Texas has helped many families grow and thrive.

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What Are the Requirements for Adopting a Child in Texas?

To adopt a child, you need to be an adult so that you may best care for their needs. Not only must you be over 18 years old, but you will need to prove that you can properly care for the child and their best interests, morally, physically, and emotionally. This does not mean that you must be married to adopt, but it is true that in some cases, it is more challenging to demonstrate how your adopted child will be safeguarded at all times if you are a single parent. In addition, certain circumstances of your background history or even past surgeries could also make your case more difficult. This is where our experienced family law attorneys can help.

Can You Adopt Someone Over 18?

Yes, in Texas, you can adopt someone over the age of 18. But, there are several steps you must take. First, you will need to complete all necessary paperwork for the adoption. This should include background checks for both parties involved and any supporting documents such as birth certificates or medical records. You will also need to receive approval from the court to finalize the adoption process.

Once all paperwork is completed, you will likely have to attend hearings with a judge or court-appointed attorney to determine whether or not the adoption should be granted. In addition to these hearing dates, both parties involved may have to submit additional medical records detailing their current health status and other relevant information regarding the adoption process.

Adopting someone over 18 in Texas is no small task; it requires lots of preparation and commitment on both sides of the equation. But if done correctly, it can be an incredibly rewarding experience for everyone involved!

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What Is the Adoption Process and Laws in Texas?

According to the adoption laws of Texas, every child must have only a single set of legal parents.

Therefore, if the biological parents of the child being adopted are still alive, they must give their consent in relinquishing their legal parenthood to the adoptive parents. Then at this point, the court can proceed in checking the child’s eligibility factors for adoption, according to key requirements set forth under the Texas Family Code, Chapter 162, Sections 162.001, 162.501, and 162.504.

What Should I Expect During a Home Visits in Texas?

In addition to checking the child’s eligibility for adoption, the court will check the eligibility of the family home of the adoptee parents or guardians, to make sure it is safe for the child. Home safety visits are one of the primary ways of accomplishing this.

During a home visit, you can expect to see:

  • Detailed examinations of the home location and environment where the child might potentially live
  • In-depth, individual interviews of both the adoptive parents, along with the child who would be adopted
  • Close examination of the backgrounds and potential criminal history reports for any other inhabitants
  • Deep evaluation of the child’s current interaction and relationship with the potential adoptive parents

Considering Adopting a Child in Denton?

When your family is looking forward to opening up their hearts and home through child adoption, trust James H. Horton Law Firm, P.C. to provide knowledgeable counsel for all of your questions. Our adoption law firm is here to help families in Denton, Lewisville, and beyond. You can trust our adoption attorney near you.

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