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Although you and your spouse or co-parent may have spent a considerable amount of time resolving your custody and support agreements following a divorce, life can change unexpectedly. As a result, custody and support matters can be very complex cases as they involve several different issues that need to be discussed between both parties.

When you require a change to your initial custody and support agreements due to unforeseen events, you need to know the best steps to follow to ensure your requests get approved. One minor error or overlooked detail can create added stress and may delay the process. As such, you need our seasoned family lawyers who know how to get things done smoothly and precisely.

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What are Common Reasons for Court Order Modifications?

Most modification requests arise after there has been a major change in circumstances. Examples include:

  • Your ex-spouse may have gotten remarried, ending the need for spousal support.
  • You may have accepted a job in another state and need to relocate with your children.
  • You lost your job and can’t make payments on your current child support order.
  • Your ex-spouse became incapacitated or unable to take care of your children due to medical reasons
  • You believe your child is in danger while in the other parent’s custody due to domestic violence, drug abuse, tec.
  • Your ex-spouse is not complying with the current visitation schedule

No one can predict the future, and you can’t control your ex-spouse’s actions and livelihood. Luckily, you’re not stuck with your initial custody & support orders and there are opportunities to modify them with the help of our lawyers.

Experienced Representation In & Out of the Courtroom

No matter what situation you are facing, it is important to work with our experienced professionals who understand how courts examine and analyze these issues. Our lawyers have appeared in hundreds of trials in courts across north Texas, meaning we understand how to present your requests in a strategic, effective way.

We will not be intimidated in the courtroom. Our team is fearless.

We understand it’s not easy to get both parties to agree on all terms of a modification, but luckily we are competent negotiators who know what it takes to get both parties on the same page. Even if your ex-spouse isn’t willing to settle for all of your needs, our modification attorneys can skillfully and strategically find solutions that make everybody happy.

Advocating for Clients’ Best Interests

At the James H. Horton Law Firm, P.C., our attorneys have over 80 years of combined experience handling a range of legal matters. We help clients obtain favorable modifications to their custody and support agreements by providing honest legal counsel and personalized representation.

Our lawyers know how important your custody and support matters are, especially because life is unpredictable and throws curveballs that no one can prepare for. Thus, we are committed to working together with you to develop a strategy that helps you obtain the changes you need so you can move forward.

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